Update ncurses to fix input issues on tmux 3.3a

Updating to 3.3a1, with the default option set2, tmux started producing strange behavior. The symptoms included not registering backspaces, and using the <UP> key appended the previous command to the current one in the shell.

A discussion on the Homebrew repository produced some suggestions. Although updating zsh didn’t work, setting default-terminal from tmux-256color to screen-256color resolved the issue:

set -g default-terminal screen-256color 

However, another comment suggested that the change to tmux-265color as the default-terminal was a recent change to tmux, and that macOS ships with a very old version of ncurses. Updating ncurses resolved the issue, even when removing the default-terminal configuration option again.

  1. tmux -V
    tmux 3.3a
  2. tmux show-options -s
    backspace C-?
    buffer-limit 50
    command-alias[0] split-pane=split-window
    command-alias[1] splitp=split-window
    command-alias[2] "server-info=show-messages -JT"
    command-alias[3] "info=show-messages -JT"
    command-alias[4] "choose-window=choose-tree -w"
    command-alias[5] "choose-session=choose-tree -s"
    copy-command ''
    default-terminal tmux-256color
    editor nvim
    escape-time 500
    exit-empty on
    exit-unattached off
    extended-keys off
    focus-events off
    history-file ''
    message-limit 1000
    prompt-history-limit 100
    set-clipboard external
    terminal-features[0] xterm*:clipboard:ccolour:cstyle:focus:title
    terminal-features[1] screen*:title