org-html-export-to-html: Unable to resolve link

When generating HTML from Org files that have ID-based links, sometimes org-html-export-to-html is unable to resolve links:

Unable to resolve link: "16A4875E-F1B7-4DEE-940C-0E1EDF09B27B"

This happens because the file isn’t loaded, so Org doesn’t yet know about its existence.

To resolve this, use org-roam-update-org-id-locations over all files that are linked to from the file that’s being exported. 1 For example, if all files are in the ~/notes directory, run org-id-update-id-locations with a list of all org files in that directory recursively:

(org-id-update-id-locations (directory-files-recursively "~/notes" "\\.org$") )

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