Escape special characters in Org documents

For example, is rendered like onetwo, with the “two” in subscript in the resulting HTML. To prevent that from happening, the Org manual recommends using zero width space to break up the syntax:

In this example, a zero-width-space is added1 before the underscore:


The result is rendered as one​_two. The zero-width space is included in the rendered HTML page, so it will only be hidden when the page uses a character set that includes zero-width spaces, otherwise the result is one​​_two.


You may sometimes want to write text that looks like Org syntax, but should really read as plain text. […] In the general case, however, we suggest to use the zero width space.

  1. To insert a zero-width-space in Erlang, hit C-x 8 <RET> zero width space <RET>.