Convert documents from AsciiDoc to Org

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To convert an AsciiDoc document to an Org document, convert to Docbook as an intermediate step, then send the Docbook file to Pandoc to convert it to Org:

asciidoctor \
    --backend docbook \
    --out-file - \
    hello.adoc | \
    pandoc \
        --from docbook \
        --wrap=preserve \
        --standalone \

This command pipes two commands together to produce the desired result:

asciidoctor --backend docbook --out-file - hello.adoc
Take the hello.adoc file and convert it to Docbook. Pass - as the --out-file to return the output to standard output
pandoc --from-docbook --wrap=preserve --standalone --output
Take the input file and convert it from Dobook to Org. Preserve the line wrapping instead of wrapping each line to 80 characters, and create a “standalone” document including document headers, as opposed to a document “fragment”.

Given an AsciiDoc file:

= Hello, World!

Hello, World!

  puts "Hello, World!"

The command above produces an Org file including the document headers, contents, and code blocks:

#+title: Hello, World!

#+author: Alice
#+date: 2021-08-06

Hello, World!

#+begin_src ruby
    puts Hello, World!