Jeff Kreeftmeijer

StillMaintained status buttons in Github search results


Ever since StillMaintained launched a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been working on ideas to get the gathered data back into Github’s interface. The first step was the embeddable status buttons that got released last week and have been popping up in a bunch of project README files already.

To take this even further, I’ve been working on a little userscript that shows these status buttons right in Github’s search results so you can quickly see which project is still being maintained and which ones you probably shouldn’t start using.


Chrome and Firefox users can install the userscript (you need Greasemonkey or GreaseKit first if you’re on Firefox). Safari users can simply get the Safari plugin.

Please let me know what you think in the comments if you start using it. If you’re running into problems, have any cool ideas or want to help out: the userscript (together with the rest of StillMaintained) is on Github.