Jeff Kreeftmeijer

Fuubar on RSpec 1.3.x, Cucumber & MiniTest


Last week, I released an RSpec progress bar formatter called Fuubar and some cool stuff has happened since.

Version 0.0.2 was released, which uses ruby-progessbar instead of progressbar and prints the bar using ==== instead of oooo. @iain_nl moved the progress bar two spaces to the right, a couple of bugs were squashed and Fuubar is eating its own dog food by using itself as its default formatter now.

RSpec 1.3.x

With a lot of help from @__NeX__, Fuubar got RSpec 1.3.x support today. It’s in a separate legacy branch and it’s not released as a separate gem right now.

Installing it for RSpec 1.3.x should still be quite easy. Since you need to pull it in from git, you need to specify the repository url and branch name in your Gemfile:

  gem 'fuubar', 
    :git => 'git://', 
    :branch => 'legacy'

If you want to use Fuubar as your default formatter, put this in your spec/spec.opts file:

--format Fuubar

Cucumber and MiniTest

A bunch of work has been done to build a Fuubar-like formatter for MiniTest by @mike_mayo, who has been building it into his MiniTest fork. Keep an eye on his blog for more information about the project.

Also, there’s a ready-to-use gem called fuubar-cucumber, released by @martinciu, so you can even use Fuubar when you’re on Cucumber for acceptance testing.

I’m excited to see where this is going, Fuubar’s being used in a couple of projects already (most notably Capybara and infinity_test) and nice ideas are popping up. Thanks for helping out, using it and spreading the word, everyone!

Now, what would you like to see in Fuubar in the near future?